Why Are BusinessVision Users Switching to Spire?

TriTech has supported Sage BusinessVision users for years, and back in its day, it was the most robust and reliable business management software. But, times have changed and so has TriTech. One of our core values at TriTech is to be progressive and to constantly enhance our knowledge to create or source better products and services. As an advocate for our clients, our goal is to provide the best options for their business needs. After many years of standing behind Sage BusinessVision, TriTech made the decision to become an authorized reseller of Spire accounting software. Keeping in mind that not everyone is ready to switch over at the same time, we still hold strong in supporting our clients who choose to keep on running Sage BusinessVision and BVEssentials.

Is Your Sage BusinessVision Going to Stop Working This Year?

If you are still using Sage BusinessVision and haven’t updated for a few years, you may be out of luck come December 31, 2020. Unless you are paying the annual software assurance to Sage, you will not be able to input data beyond December 31, 2020. Yes, you heard it alright. Sage BusinessVision will actually stop working! The only way to bypass this bug, is to pay Sage for the bug patch. Be sure to consider the consequences of investing into a software that hasn’t had new features added in years, or if it is better to invest in a platform that is moving forward with technology and customer demands.

Why Should You Choose Spire Software?

Easily Migrate to Spire Accounting Software

The majority of our clients are switching from Sage BusinessVision over to Spire software for a number of reasons, with one being a straight forward process of bringing your data over from Sage BusinessVision with the built-in migration tool. BusinessVision software users can convert virtually all of their BusinessVision data right into Spire, allowing you to keep your sales history, user setups, customer database etc.

Spire Has a User-Friendly Interface

The data in Spire is presented with a grid format. Not sure what we mean? Here is a screenshot of what the Sales Manager module looks like in Spire:

With the ability to see each column header at once, you can use filters to be selective on the data you see on your screen. For instance, if you are a bookkeeper and only want to see all of your orders that are ready to be invoiced, then you would select: Filter > Status > Shipped. This view shows you all shipped orders that are ready to be invoiced and can be sent by email directly from within Spire. Or, if you are the type of person who likes to study the data a bit more, you can click export, and analyze the data in Excel at your convenience. (Note: This is permission controlled, and can be done in any module, not just sales.)

The amount of information available is abundant, and may look like information overload to some.  However, you also have the ability to be selective on what columns you’d like to see, and it will remember that for you the next time you log in.

Email Directly From Spire

Emailing from your business management software seems like something that is so simple, but is also so powerful. Tired of printing invoices, and pasting them into an email to each individual customer? With Spire’s built in email function, you can highlight the list of invoices in the sales order list that you wish to send or run your monthly statements (or both together), and then email them directly from the accounts receivable module using a saved template with your message added automatically. It will send each customer their own statement with one click, so there is no need to send multiple emails out to each customer.

Multiple Windows

Each module can open a new window in Spire. This allows you to view multiple modules at the same time. You can have your customer on the phone, with their open sales order on one screen and the built in Spire calendar on the other screen to consult your calendar and book their order in the Spire calendar. This is an effective way to manage your sales and service department allowing you to supply your customers with reliable customer service at the touch of a button.

Integrated Modules

All of the modules in Spire accounting software are totally integrated. For example, if you are in Accounts Receivable and your client tells you that they are missing a copy of an invoice, you can access that invoice, and email it all from within the Accounts Receivable module without having to close it down and open sales history. Or, if you add a part number to a sales order and see that it is almost out of stock you can simply add it to a requisition within the sales order, and it will automatically add it to a purchase order the next time a requisition is posted.

How Does Spire Compare to Other Business Management Software?

While TriTech recommends Spire accounting software as a top contender to implement in your business, we understand and encourage our clients to always research what would be the best fit for their business needs. Here’s how Spire compares to Sage BusinessVision and Sage 300 (also known as ACCPAC).

Features Sage BusinessVision Sage 300 (ACCPAC) Spire
Core Account Modules
Inventory Management
Lot Control  
Point of Sale (POS)  
Surcharge Calculations    
Payroll (Canadian)
Payroll Tax Updates
Advanced Searches and Filters    
Excel Import and Export  
Multi-Currency Optional add-on Optional add-on Included
Production Manager (Add-on)    

Service Manager (Add-on)    
Customizable Templates  
Data Conversion from BusinessVision Not applicable Master Files Only
Familiar Workflow to BV Not applicable  
No Additional Fees for extra companies on the same server Extra Fee per company
Monthly Subscription Plan
Developed with Modern Technology  

Is it time for you to upgrade your accounting software? Contact TriTech to download your free trial of Spire accounting software today.