Precise Bearing & Industrial Supply Makes Good Business Move by Seamlessly Implementing Spire

“It should be noted that we felt forced into a software change by Sage Business Vision over licensing agreements, and being forced into change is never the ideal choice.

But having said that, we are grateful that we had the option to consider Spire. And knowing about Spire was only possible because of our pre-existing relationship with TriTech. Spire and Business Vision have many similar characterises, and Spire is able to transfer the data in from BV seamlessly. We were able to run some demos on Spire that gave us the confidence we needed to commit to it.

After we took the plunge, the entire transfer wasn’t that big of a deal. We were up and running in Spire without any hiccup in service. Much of it was similar to BV. It didn’t take long for the comfort level to kick in, and navigating Spire became quite easy. With the repetitive day to day stuff down pat, we were able to start looking at the advantages Spire has over BV, and tap into some new territory that Spire allows us to do. And this is ongoing. I can quite easily say there are many things about Spire I prefer, and I believe this list will only get longer with the more we learn about it.

BV put us in a very difficult situation with business practices we did not respect. The thought of staying with them did not agree with us, and the writing was on the wall that Sage was going to stop supporting BusinessVision at some stage. But now that we are with Spire, I would say that not only was it a good ethical move, it was a good business move.

This company, born in 1984, had never used any software other than BV. So it was a major move in our minds. One of the reasons we had the confidence to go with it was because of our relationship with TriTech, who had been our tech support company for many years now. We knew them, were used to working with them, and trusted their opinion on all things computer related. They gave us advise, walked us through an introduction to Spire, then handled it all for us from start to finish. If it weren’t for TriTech, it seems unlikely we would have even found Spire. So really, Spire is just an offshoot of a bigger decision that happened over a decade ago, when we moved our tech support business over to TriTech. And that was a very good decision this company made in a very important department of our business.”

Jeremy Greene
Precise Bearing & Industrial Supply Ltd