Unleash the Power of AWS Hosting for Unrivaled Data Management

Discover how TriTech’s AWS hosting services can revolutionize your data management strategy. Benefit from unmatched scalability, top-notch security, and reliable solutions for seamless data hosting.

Welcome to TriTech, your trusted partner for unlocking the full potential of AWS hosting, revolutionizing your data management strategy. Discover the unrivaled advantages of Amazon Web Services (AWS) as we empower your business with seamless data hosting solutions. Benefit from unparalleled scalability, top-notch security measures, and reliable infrastructure, ensuring a seamless data hosting experience.

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  • During the busiest time of year for us, TriTech Information Systems performed the AWS Migration for our Spire software. The Migration was performed over the weekend when we were closed. First thing Monday morning TriTech was available remotely and with very little interruption we were operational. The migration went very smoothly and the staff didn’t experience any downtime with Spire.
    Angela SmithBurnaby Hitch and Linex Ltd.

The TriTech Advantage for Data Hosting with AWS

At TriTech, we bring you the market-leading AWS hosting services, designed to cater to your unique data hosting needs. Leverage our vast global network of data centers, ensuring optimal performance with reduced latency by distributing your data across regions. Our pay-as-you-go model ensures effortless scalability, accommodating fluctuations in demand without disruptions.

Unmatched Scalability and Flexibility

Whether you’re dealing with gigabytes or petabytes of data, Tri-Tech’s AWS hosting caters to all scales. Our expert team ensures your storage capacity effortlessly expands or shrinks based on your needs, eliminating capacity planning concerns and allowing you to focus on your core business.

Top-Notch Security Measures

Your data’s security and privacy are paramount at Tri-Tech. We prioritize protecting your valuable information with AWS’s robust security features, including encryption, access controls, and multi-factor authentication. Rest assured that your data is safeguarded from unauthorized access, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Reliability and High Availability

Downtime is not an option for your business, and we understand that at Tri-Tech. With our AWS hosting solutions, we offer a highly reliable infrastructure with industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs). Services like Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) and Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) provide automatic backups and failover mechanisms, ensuring your data remains available 24/7.

Seamless Data Migration and Integration

TriTech simplifies data migration and integration with AWS’s cohesive ecosystem of services. Our team leverages AWS Data Pipeline for smooth ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) operations and AWS Glue for automated data preparation, streamlining your data workflows, saving valuable time and resources.

Analytics and Insights at Your Fingertips

Maximize the value of your data with TriTech’s AWS analytics services. Our expert team utilizes Amazon Redshift to run complex queries and analyze vast amounts of data rapidly. Meanwhile, Amazon QuickSight provides interactive visualizations, empowering you to derive actionable insights effortlessly.

Cost Optimization and Predictability

At TriTech, we understand the importance of cost optimization. With AWS, you only pay for what you use, and our team ensures you gain full control over your expenses. Leverage AWS Cost Explorer and AWS Budgets to monitor, forecast, and optimize your costs while maintaining performance excellence.


Embrace the unmatched power of AWS hosting with TriTech to transform your data management strategy. Benefit from our expertise in delivering scalable, secure, and reliable data hosting solutions. Contact us today to embark on a data-driven journey with TriTech and AWS, unlocking the true potential of your data.

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