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Tailored To Meet the Needs of our Business Clients, ServicePLUS Delivers Premium Technical Support – BY THE MINUTE – at a preferred rate.

Your investment in computer systems reaches far beyond the initial purchase. As both your company and computer technologies evolve, you have to deal with the continual process of learning, modifying, upgrading and yes, repairing your IT assets. That’s why at Tri Tech we place even greater emphasis on service than we do on sales. Anybody can sell you a box.

When you choose our ServicePLUS program, Tri Tech will be there as your business grows, anticipating your future needs before they morph into time-sensitive (and expensive) IT headaches. And you’ll also have peace of mind, knowing that whether you need five minutes of phone assistance or five hours of on-site troubleshooting, you will be given the same high level of respect.

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