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At Tri Tech we have in-depth understanding of your equipment and software installations as well as expertise in new computer system requirements. By working with your team we can help eliminate those unruly spikes in your technology budget leaving you instead with predictable monthly IT costs and a secure computer environment primed for business growth.

peace of mind
Anti Virus - Nod 32YESYESYES
Drive - Drive Errors and Controller Failure DeleteYESYESYES
Drive - Free SpaceYESYESYES
Drive - Disk FailureYESYESYES
Memory Usage––YESYES
Heat Detection––YESYES
Service Work billed at Service Plus rates––YESYES
Ticket Creation from owners PC––YESYES
Spyware Detection––YESYES
Drive - Disk Cleanup––YESYES
Remote Problem Resolution––YESYES
Email / Phone Report––YESYES
Managed Backup - up to 1GB per PC––––YES
Patches - Install (Microsoft Approved)––––YES
Patches - Remove (Microsoft Approved)––––YES
Patches - Approved (Microsoft Approved)––––YES
Executive Summary - Monthly Report––––YES
Asset Management software––––YES
Asset Management hardware––––YES
15 minutes / PC / month - labour support (not cumulative)––––YES
Per Workstation / month––––YES
Per Server / month * minimum 5 PCs + server––––YES
Per Workstation / month$6.00$15.00$35.00
Per Server / month (min. 5 PCs plus server)NA$35.00$65.00
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