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In todays work environment, the continued success of your business depends on your networks performance and security – and your software is mission critical.

Left unmonitored, your network will inevitably fail, leaving your employees sitting idle while you struggle to get back up and running. This situation, completely preventable, can paralyze any medium sized operation and severely limit the the ability of a larger corporation to carry on with day to day tasks.

Many business owners do not consider the cost of a server malfunction until it’s too late. Thousands of dollars in lost revenue, stalled productivity and a damaged corporate reputation can have severe consequences. Statistics show that 43% of businesses that experience a technology meltdown don’t survive for even 12 months.

Even if your network is stable today, odds are that you are constantly faced with these five common business environment frustrations:

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Managed Services from Tri Tech can help you regain control of your business by taking corrective action before problems occur. We can save you thousands of dollars in lost revenue and productivity and help you manage your computer assets for future growth.

Our regularly scheduled site/device reporting allows for:

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The Benefits of Managed IT

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24/7 Maintenance: Our secure, 24/7 maintenance allows all your mission-critical computers to operate at their optimal level-with minimal or no disruption to your work environment.

Central Patch Management: With our ability to centrally manage and run all patches, we ensure that your site is protected and functioning with the most recent updates.

Proactive Monitoring for Preventative Maintenance: Our proactive maintenance and early detection approach will allow you to avoid costly and very time-consuming downtime.

Increased Employee productivity due to automation of routine administrative functions.

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Secure and Confidential Information: Our security features allow you to operate at a maximum efficiency by tracking security vulnerabilities and immediately notifying the appropriate source.

Enhanced Troubleshooting: With our ability to remote in to your computers, we can see firsthand what issues you are having and promptly resolve them.

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Detailed Inventory Reports: Create real-time, detailed inventory reports on all software and hardware assets.

Effective Inventory Planning: Our capabilities to manage and control all asset inventories from a single location allow you to plan for future software and hardware expenses and make informed financial decisions.

Stress free visits from your IT provider rather than panicked emergency calls.

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