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None of us know what the future holds and this is especially true for business. But you can greatly reduce the risk to your company and the livelihoods of your employees by establishing a disaster recovery plan.

Disasters take on a variety of forms and aren’t always measured on the richter scale. It only takes a minor wrinkle in any normal day to wreak havoc with your ability to do business. Imagine how you’d carry on if your email, customer database, accounts receivable, inventory records suddenly flatlined. Statistics show that 43% of business that go through a data disaster don’t survive.

Your best and least expensive course of action is one that ensures business continuity in the event of any disruption caused by loss of data.

With managed Data Backup from Tri Tech you can save thousands of dollars in unplanned operational work-arounds, reduced or stalled revenue and a tarnished corporate image. And you’ll avoid dozens of hours wondering what you’ll do in a “what IF” scenario.

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INCLUDES: 1GB of compressed data, Technical support and Automatic failure notification