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Computers systems inevitably fail, leaving your employees idle and impacting your ability to do business. Our low cost solutions ensure you don’t end up losing thousands of dollars in productivity, revenue and a damaged reputation.
online backup

The question is not IF your computer system is going to fail, the question is WHEN. That’s why Tri Tech’s Managed Data Back-up has become the choice of so many small and medium sized businesses. Knowing that all your company data is stored securely off site, brings peace of mind and allows you to focus on growing your business instead of worrying about how you’ll fix it!.. LEARN MORE

hosted servers

Say NO to long term contracts and the endless cash outlay that comes with maintaining your servers in-house. With Cloud based servers, we can keep your operating system running smoothly and your software current. With 99.997 up time and easy access to both increased memory and storage, your productivity will reach new heights… LEARN MORE

computer hardware
MANAGED SERVICES (and computer hardware)

With MANAGED SERVICES Tri Tech can take corrective action before most problems occur – before you even notice the tell tale signs of failure. We will continuously monitor the health of your system and manage for future growth.


managed services

For a low monthly fee, Tri Tech will monitor your network, both hardware and software and proactively manage those trouble spots before you even know they exist. And as your business grows, we’ll work with you to anticipate your expanding technology needs and help you budget for growth… LEARN MORE


Premium, technical support, tailored to our business clients and billed “by the minute” at a preferred rate. With SERVICE PLUS, you can rest easy, knowing that whether you need five minutes of phone assistance or five hours of on-site troubleshooting, Tri Tech will be at your side with the same high level of respect and service… LEARN MORE